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Simple Composable Microservice Messaging


Building with simple components is easier and more fun. You can quickly build things that work. Shortly after plugging my new Sense Hat into my Pi, I wanted to try controlling it from my laptop with NATS. Here are the results: Components NATS: a cloud-native messaging protocol. txnats: A python NATS client using Twisted, compatible with PyPy and CPython 2.7 and 3. Raspberry Pi 2 Sense HAT with 8x8 LED matrix It took me five minutes to download and run the NATS server on my laptop.

14 Jan 2016 #microservices #IoT #Internet of Things #Raspberry Pi #Cloud

Auto-run PyPy Service on Pi


Today I wanted to have an example NATS client worker service written in Python utilizing my txnats and run by the PyPy interpreter on my Raspberry PI 2 auto run upon bootup. One way to do this is with systemd, which is built into Rasbian jessie. You define a service file that defines the application launch command to run and things like its working directory. How To Autorun A Python Script On Boot Using systemd was a helpful reference.

9 Jan 2016 #microservices #IoT #Internet of Things #Raspberry Pi #Cloud