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The Arts and Creativity

Wednesday, I attended the 40th year celebration of the California Arts Council, and it changed me. I gained a deeper understanding of people working together with diverse creativity to achieve a higher state. I got perspective of the the people who started it successfully and saw part of its beautiful fruition. Governor Jerry Brown has quite the history, he started the Arts Council in 1976 as Governor and now, 40 years later, was there to celebrate it. Brown is highly skilled at politics, understanding fundementals to transend the idea of politics as self-serving means to gain power, and to hate on people and ideas that are different, but to creatively bring people to take action that improves everyone’s lives. He guided early council members to fight for not just what they wanted, but to find ways that integrated what they wanted to what other people were working toward. To understand how they were mutually benefitial. Understand and promote how to augment means to a better end, and more people will work to achieve it. It is the essence of creativity which the arts develop.

My eyes flooded with tears at the performances. My mind was blown at the fluid mixture of culture. How could these things mix together with such crispness and beauty? I was looking at a Jackson Pollack painting come to life. The words from actors, poets, musicians and politicians. The music and dance from cultures around the world. The AXIS Dance Company duo of one man in a wheel chair and a woman pulled off a powerful emotional performance. Great Wall Youth Orchestra played their, traditional, thousands of years old instruments, following one of the players talking about how the group and the arts have improved her life. The movement and color of mexican Ballet Folklórico de Sacramento was especially moving. The African American modern dance company, Lula Washington Dance is exuberance in the form of dance. Their bodies so well trained, they have put in amazing practice and dedication to their craft. Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir demonstrated the power of harmonics. San Jose Taiko have created something that you have to witness to believe. Some how fusing Japanese drumming with culture from America and around the world.

What do the arts give you? How can development of creativity by our fellows help you and your loved ones? How can your own recognition and integration with other people’s creativity improve your life? Life is full of problems and desires. There are things we want to have, to experience, to enjoy. The products of creatvity and thoughtful refinement. All these things take not just hard work, but work that is effective toward some goal. The more people who can creativly combine skills and action to achieve great and delightful things hitherto unseen. The better life will get.

30 Jan 2016