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Robot on the Move

The hard part of making something look easy is knowing what the easy way is. For instance, I didn’t know the easy way to run DC motors from an Arduino motor shield that is compatible with Adafruit Motor Shield was to use the Adafruit Motor Shield Library, which has high level functions to control said motors. I started from the wrong place. I started by wanting to issue instructions to the Arduino UNO via the serial port with Python running on my laptop or a Raspberry Pi.

31 Jan 2016

The Arts and Creativity

Wednesday, I attended the 40th year celebration of the California Arts Council, and it changed me. I gained a deeper understanding of people working together with diverse creativity to achieve a higher state. I got perspective of the the people who started it successfully and saw part of its beautiful fruition. Governor Jerry Brown has quite the history, he started the Arts Council in 1976 as Governor and now, 40 years later, was there to celebrate it.

30 Jan 2016

Simple Composable Microservice Messaging


Building with simple components is easier and more fun. You can quickly build things that work. Shortly after plugging my new Sense Hat into my Pi, I wanted to try controlling it from my laptop with NATS. Here are the results: Components NATS: a cloud-native messaging protocol. txnats: A python NATS client using Twisted, compatible with PyPy and CPython 2.7 and 3. Raspberry Pi 2 Sense HAT with 8x8 LED matrix It took me five minutes to download and run the NATS server on my laptop.

14 Jan 2016 #microservices #IoT #Internet of Things #Raspberry Pi #Cloud

Auto-run PyPy Service on Pi


Today I wanted to have an example NATS client worker service written in Python utilizing my txnats and run by the PyPy interpreter on my Raspberry PI 2 auto run upon bootup. One way to do this is with systemd, which is built into Rasbian jessie. You define a service file that defines the application launch command to run and things like its working directory. How To Autorun A Python Script On Boot Using systemd was a helpful reference.

9 Jan 2016 #microservices #IoT #Internet of Things #Raspberry Pi #Cloud

starting to blog

One of the largest impedements for me to write long form, has been my lack of organization skills in doing this style of writing. Most longer expository things I’ve easily written have been things I was very passionate about, or have been technical documentation, but even with these, I’m usually concise. I have been able to contribute most effectively via online chat where I can answer questions or discuss ideas interactively.

1 Jan 2016